Study In Denmark

Denmark is an excellent place in regards to education as the Denmark Universities are among the top ranked Universities in Europe.

The top Universities in Denmark are

1. University of Copenhagen

2. Technical University of Denmark

3. Copenhagen Business School

4. Arhus university

5. University of southern Denmark

University of Copenhagen

It is the largest institution of research and education in Denmark. It consists of eight faculties with approximately 100 departments which offer bachelors, masters and PhD degrees in various fields of sciences.For further information the following website would be useful

Technical University of Denmark

It offers excellent courses in the field of engineering with good standards. For further information please visit the following website

Copenhagen Business School

CBS is an international school, focused on developing strong links between contemporary research and the active business community. For further details please visit the following website

Arhus University

Aarhus university is the second oldest and largest university in Denmark. It houses a variety of disciplines with a good inclination towards research. The university is known for Professor Jens Christian Skou who received the NOBEL PRIZE in Chemistry for his discovery of the sodium-potassium pump in 1997. It hosts variety of schools and centers with interdisciplinary research regimes competing international standards. For further details please visit the following website.

University of Southern Denmark

University of Southern Denmark (SDU) comprises five faculties namely Humanities, Science, Engineering, Social Sciences and Health Sciences totaling 32 departments, 11 research centers.

Further information on general and other specific studies in Denmark, you are welcome to visit the following website

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