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Here are some useful links if you are seeking work in Denmark:

We believe that you will get a lot more out of your stay here in Denmark if you know a little of the local language and culture. As for the free Danish classes, if you have a CPR number (yellow card) then it is free at any place unless you are taking a private tuition where you pay by hour. IID recommends two best schools for Learning danish in copenhagen .Copenhagen’s Language Centre and Hellerup SprogCenter.

Hellerup Language School is the largest language school north of Copenhagen. You can attend Danish courses in the daytime or evening. They have over 160 different classes, so You will find one that’s just right for you.For more information visit http://sprogcenterhellerup.dk/

Copenhagen Language center offers free instruction in Danish for adult foreigners. We focus not only on quality and performance, but also on a wide range of professional and social activities and offers that make it both easier and more fun to learn Danish. We have 25 years experience in teaching Danish as a second language. Our educational environment is modern and we have first-class facilities . This makes us one of the preferred language schools for foreigners who want to learn Danish.

for more info visit them at www.kbh-sprogcenter.dk

Those who are interested to learn Danish language can check out these sites:

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