IID activities can be classified into two major categories: Online and Onsite.

Online activity :
IID has a strong online presence through its website www.localhost/indiansindenmark_08. The website is updated on a weekly basis. IID website has 1682 registered members and over 4000 visitors per month. Our web forum has very high activity level with hundreds of posts. These posts have helped a lot of our members and visitors in knowing about Denmark, job situation, finding accommodation, school etc. One of the most important achievement of this forum was to help those who had got or waiting for Green Card to understand how difficult the current job situation was in Denmark and thus dissuading them from taking the leap to Denmark blindly without a job in hand.

Onsite activites:
IID facilitates networking through its clubs, cultural events and get-togethers. IID has three clubs : Business Club that focuses on professional networking, Ladies Club that focuses on social networking for women and the Kids Club that focuses on children’s creative and cultural development. IID has an average attendance of 50 per club activity and over 200 at each event. IID has 42 paid members, who have subscribed to annual membership.

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